Léa Bon (27) is an androginous fashion and art photographer from Argentina, with a unique,
personal and spiritual body of work. At a young age, Léa Bon found in photography the means by
which she could construct her own small worlds using her imagination. Dreams and fantasies
from the past and present are portrayed by Léa Bon’s subjects, which she uses like her own
personal dolls. Her work breaks with the stereotypes of traditional photography and goes beyond
the human eye; is a fusion between art, fashion and humanity, evoking surrealism, expressionism
and hyperrealism.
He receives 20 years at the South American Institute of Communication, with a diploma of honor
in Professional Photography and with 21 years not only has his own chair, but also his images
were expanded to the international market.
In all his works you can appreciate the feeling found between the aesthetic and unreal,
generating different points of view before the viewer.
She has her chairs at ISEC seven years ago and coordinated Fotodesign two years. Within the career she teaches experimental poetries, fashion and editorial photography, natural lighting, creative photography of the author, art direction and model.

Her images were published in media such as DMAG, NUBILIS, DARK BEAUTY, UP POCKET, VOGUE.it, Flawless Magazine, INSTITUTE,
CATALOG, Caras Moda, among others ...
She made multiple exhibitions and his works can be acquired in Haimney, Barcelona and The Art
Design project, USA.




DMAG, Argentina.
Catalogue, Argentina.
Caras MODA, Argentina.
Nubilis, Argentina.
Las rosas, Argentina.
Up Pocket, Brasil.
In the red Magazine, China.
Dark Beauty, EEUU.
Elegant Magazine, EEUU.
Flawless Magazine, EEUU.
Splendor Magazine, Berlín.
Drawing art Book, París.
Institute, EEUU.
Kaltblut, Berlín.

Galerias donde pueden encontrar mis obras:
Haimney, Barcelona
The art desing project, USA.

Exposiciones Individuales
Centro Cultural Borges, "House of dolls" Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014
First Cycle: "INNOCENT VISION" The House of Culture, Adrogué, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2015,
Guidotti Gallery :"Night of the Museums", Santa Fe, Argentina 2015.
Photo festival Santiago, Chile. 2016,
"The Old House" Cultural Heritage of San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2016,
Photo Gallery at Theatre of Light and Strength, Santa Fe, Argentina. September 2016.
Argentine consulate, Barcelona, Spain. August 2017
Espace RO, Buenos Aires, Argentina. February 2018
Houdini Gallery - Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2018.
Atelier Revolution Haute Couture - Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2018

Collective Exhibitions:
Buenos Aires Exxxotica, 2016 Argentina.
Third Eye Festival, Barcelona, November 2017
Haimney Gallery #1, Barcelona April 2018.
STRUKA open studio - Buenos Aires Argentina, April 2018.
Haimney Gallery #3, Barcelona July 2018
Galeria Deseo, Buenos Aires 2019.

Lunática, Buenos Aires. 2020 -2021.